My Beloved Followers

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Capital F

IMISSYOUU Fendyy ! I miss the time talking on the phone , I miss the time youu message me , I miss hearing youu voice . I miss your laugh . I miss when youu laugh at me . I miss your attention .
When i scolded by youu , if i do wrong . I miss your advice . I miss hearing youu talk and talk and talk . I miss the time youu telling me your story . I MISS YOUU SO MUCH ! HAHAHA , mengada kan aku ? kalau Fendyy baca mesti dia kembang :'D

Thank you because before this you're always there beside me when im sad , happy and scared . I hope our relationship will stay until whenever . I pray and pray and pray that we will last forever :')

If god give me a wished , i wish that your mine forever