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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


You can call a girl ugly . You can call her fat .
You can make fun of all her flaws. But
 truth is , she's already insecure . You're
words are forever in her mind . Every time
 she looks in the mirror , she sees herself as
you described her . You make her more insecure .
You're one of the reasons she cries . You're one
of the reasons she started to self-harm . You're words ,
and so many other people's words , build up . She can't
 take it . She believes every word . She doesn't know
 what to do . She's lost her mind . She doesn't
 smile . She doesn't laugh . She's no longer eats . Her friends
cry themselves to sleep
each night just like she did. Every thing is different .


Hello guys! and Hello April! Be nice with me horr . HAHA ~
now i'm realize we don't make someone sad maybe we'll hurt too :'( and aku pun bukannya PERFECT maybe . Aku tak faham kenapa dia baik sangat?
Dah macam macam kot aku buat dia sakit hati, tak pedulikan dia, benci dia, but he still love me and tak pernah buat aku sakit hati. Teruknya aku buat dia macam tu .
Idk how to say . Apa yg aku nak semua dia boleh . See ?
 I'M SO TERRIBLE !! Selalu buat dia sakit hati . Dear i'm so sorry
selama ni i buat u sakit hati . I'm admit the first i tak suka you but dah lama2 i suka dekat you and maybe bila i dah mula suka kat you, you must treat me better and
 don't leave me maybe ? OK ? So hard want to say what
 i'm feel now~ Now baru sedar if buat orang tu sakit hati maybe org lain akan buat kita sakit hati . Not all ~ but yeah it's a fact ! I'm sorry make u feel stupid
Wilson Tan Chun :'( selama ni aku tak appreciate pun dia~
and now ya i know. I LOVE YOU <3